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  • Takeout Beer, Wine & Soft Drinks Menu

    Per NYS mandate, alcoholic orders must be accompanied by a food order as well.

    Beer & Cider

    **$1.00 Off Beer & Cider**
    Pilsner Urquell, Pilsner 4.4% (Czech Republic) $5.00
    Zywiec, Pale Lager 5.6% (Poland) $5.00
    Zywiec, Porter (11.2oz/16.9 oz) 9.5% (Poland) $7.00/$9.00
    Okocim, Pale Lager (16.9 oz) 5.6% (Poland) $7.00
    Resin, IPA (12 oz) 9.1% (Brooklyn, New York) $6.50
    Franzikaner, Weissbier  (12 oz) 5.0% (Germany) $5.50
    Łomza Jasne Pełne, Pale Lager (11.2 oz) 6.0% (Poland) $5.00
    Warka, Radler Lemon Shandy (16.9 oz)  2.0% (Poland) $6.50
    Warka, Radler Blackcurrant (16.9 oz) 2.0% (Poland) $6.50
    Perla, Pale Lager with Honey (16.9 oz) 6.0% (Poland) $7.50
    Nine Pin, Cider (12 oz) 6.7% (Albany, NY) $7.00


    **$1.00 Off Single Serve Wine Bottles**
    **$5.00 Off Wine Bottles**
    House $7 Single Serve Bottle
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Pinot Noir
    Pinot Grigio
    White Zinfandel

    Tiamo, Prosecco
    Italy – $9 Single Serve Bottle
    Fresh and fruity aromas of apple and pear with a hint of citrus fruit.

    Rosato Umbria, Vitiano
    Italy – $38 Bottle
    Dry, with juicy aromas of strawberries, cranberries with scents of gardenias.

    Riesling, Blüfeld
    Germany – $34 Bottle
    Medium-sweet with aromas of citrus, peach, and floral notes.

    Grüner Veltliner, Steinig
    Austria – $34 Bottle
    Classic, fresh, vinified with little skin results in crisp acidity and mineral finish

    Chardonnay, Cousiño-Macul
    Chile – $30 Bottle
    Presents a very refreshing acidity and a persistent fruital sensation with aromas of pineapple and apple.

    Pinot Grigio, Riff
    Italy – $34 Bottle
    Clean and elegant with lively tone of ripe apples and peaches.

    Garnacha, Borsao
    Spain – $30 Bottle
    A deep ruby color, with a sweet kiss of licorice, kirsch liqueur and dark currants.

    Cabernet Sauvignon, Rock & Vine
    California – $41 Bottle
    A layered blend of candied cherry, ripe blueberries, and milk chocolate.

    Malbec (Organic), Santa Julia
    Argentina – $34 Bottle
    Fruity medium body, balance, with very round tannins and expressive fruit.

    Vranec, Stobi
    Macedonia – $38 Bottle
    Full bodied with an intense ruby-red color with complex aromas of plum and sour cherries and undertones of herbs and spices.

    Soft Drinks

    Snapple Ice Tea $3.00
    – Lemon – Peach – Raspberry –
    Soda Can $1.00
    – Pepsi -Diet Pepsi – Coke  -Diet Coke – Sprite – Ginger Ale
    – Plain Seltzer – Pomegranate Seltzer – Minute Maid Lemonade
    Apple Juice $3.00
    Cranberry Juice $3.00

    Updated 03/17/2020

    Menu is subject to change.